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Go Kids Foundation, Inc is a 501 (c) 3  non-profit organization that gives back to the community. We are dedicated to helping children with basic education needs and sports (Baseball, Basketball). Some of our programs include; sponsoring kids with learning disabilities, Computer program, literacy program for youth, sponsoring four baseball teams, English as a second language, just to mention some of the on going programs.  The main purpose of our organization is to encourage and assist in developing programs to meet the needs of the individual communities in regards to education and sports.


 To work with the international community by helping children throughout the world, encouraging better education and more opportunities for everyone.


 To become one of the largest organizations promoting youth's education and general skills development.

Equals opportunity of education for every kid.


In 2002 while managing a hotel in the Dominican Republic, a farewell party was organized for one the executives who was moving back to Spain. We decided to do something different and took a monster jeep safari tour, to the top of the maintains, rivers and countryside. It was a super experience, because most of us used to recommend it to the tourists, but we never actually did take the tour before.

One of the stops happened to be at a local public school, while inside I noticed it was only one classroom with about 80 kids and one teacher trying to keep them under control and teach something to them. Meanwhile I took one of the boy's notebook and looked at it, to ask him; are you doing your homework?, are you studying hard?, while looking at it, noticed it was being used in both sides in opposite directions, so I asked, why are you using both sides of your notebook at the same time? And which one is your name from these two; his response was; what happen is that I use it in the morning and my twin brother uses it in the afternoon in the reverse side.

I am Joel Jose and he is Jose Joel. So from that day on, I started calling different friends, to let them know about my idea, to buy school supplies and take it to the countryside to those kids and any public school that needed help. Since that day on a group of people have dedicated time and money to help many needy kids with school supplies and others community programs.

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